Autumn Menu

Proposed from 4th October to 6th January 2018
reservation is appreciated

Welcome drink with sparkling wines and chef's snacks

Raw ham, local salame
Spinach and endive salad with apple, carrot, and pinenuts with orange scent
Polenta with taleggio, grana and rolled bacon
Potatoes, pumpkin and rosemary croquette

Tagliatella with red radicchio, speck and chestnut crumbles
Maccheroncini with gorgonzola, pears and walnuts

Grilled meat (chicken, pork ribs, sausages, and beef Steak with rocket)
Side dish

Desserts from Capuzza


Price 34,00€ per person
(including water, coffe and cover charge, wine not included)

Of course, as alternative to these tasting menu, you can always choose from our à la carte menu and our wine cellar combination of food and wine that you prefer.

Some ideas on the menu crossing seasons

  • The starters are composed of several "samples" ranging from meats to vegetables, a small processing such as omelettes and small pies warm.

  • The pasta dishes are available in two capacities, ranging from homemade pasta tortelli with various fillings, dumplings, and caponsei "bigoli"...

  • The main courses are mainly meat cooked on the grill, then we have the "mixed grill", consisting of ribs, Sausage and Chicken, Sliced beef or the horse and chops. Are also offered dishes Fish Lake (Pike with Polenta, Fillets of Trout Lake, Marinated Chub ...). During the winter season there are also the spit and boiled.

  • The desserts are all homemade, ranging from traditional to Sbrisolona Cake Bread, Biscuits from the fantasies created by chefs ...

  • The wines are, of course, those produced from the vineyards of the estate, Podere Selva Capuzza.