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We are proud to announce that our hundredth harvest wines are  leaving the cellar.
Our hundredth harvest is among the best ever, we are happy to celebrate it with you.



1917-2017 a century of harvests

This is the year of our family's hundredth harvest.
One century which has seen 4 generations committed to wine making through a growing awareness of its meaning and the responsibility behind it.
Along this century we've done our best to leave the most positive and light traces, paying our tribute to protecting its culture, heritage, landscape, environment, identity and people.
We wish to keep hosting you at Selva Capuzza for a long time to go, in the very heart which has been hosting this story and which will host its future.



is the year of the 30th birthday of our agriturismo-restaurant ( the very first license of all the area/region): we start now to offer our wines combined with typical local dishes.

99 means that only one year is left to celebrate one century of wine making. 

Evolution. Change. More beautiful features in the near future.