A natural amphitheater
hosts our place

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Selva Capuzza is placed at the beginning of the Morainic amphitheater at the south of Lake Garda. These hills have been created by killing frost which founded the Lake.

  • The soil is mainly composed by clay and strong presence of stones. This is one of the typical features of this higher area.

  • During the labour on the soil big rocks belonging to the massif highland of the Dolomites were found. They were distant more than one hundred kilometers. These are erratic massives, fallen down in the ice during its period of maximum extension and they were carried away thanks to its ice-slide. These massives are visible all around the cellar and The Borgo San Donino.

  • The high position from 50 to 70 meters above lake-level ( it is situated at 50 meters above sea level) allows our vineyards to have a good ventilation which helps them to maintain low the humidity level and then to reduce to minimum the need of protection treatments.

  • Selva Capuzza is in the middle of the area where in 1859 broke out the most bloody Battle of the history, the battle of San Martino e Solferino. We can find it between the two towers which define the ancient battlefront. On one side of the external wall of Cascina Capuzza, a commemorative stone is visible and it reminds the military lineup of that day. San Donino has been a datum point which was wrote out in different military maps and a gathering place of injured people, maybe because of the homonymous church.

  • From an environmental point of view the area is a park of wonderful beauty, full of vegetation and lost in vineyards. It's an area nowadays dedicated to agricolture, thanks to which it can preserve local identity.

  • Selva Capuzza has been one of the first companies of agritourisms to obtain the hunting prohibition in that area. This has permitted a spontaneous re-population of wild animals among which: hares, foxes, owls, buzzards, hoopoes, pheasants.