Three choices, in one place

The vines and olives are cultivated following eco-guidelines. All the property is a hunting prohibited area to safeguard the tranquillity of our guests and defend fauna balance.

Selva Capuzza is a small farm dedicated to produce wines exclusively from 6 indigenous grape varities.

In the estate there are many olive trees, a wood which is an old truffle plantation, wide open spaces dedicated to biodiversity, a park with secular mulberries and two little ponds.

Selva Capuzza is the ancient name of the locality, in fact some countryside areas located at the south of the lake were called “Silvae” ( wild place) during Rome's age.

The name “Capuzza” ( cap- is root for head) may come from its high position at the beginning of the hills of lake Garda's morainic amphitheater, on the “hood” placed not so far from the Tower of S.Martino Della Battaglia. (Today as well in Roman dialect “Capuzza” means head of lamb).

870 steps of wandering through vineyards, meadows, the truffle plantation with its oaks, hornbeams and willows, separate restaurant Cascina Capuzza from agriturismo Borgo San Donino, while you'll meet the winery in the middle of the walk.

Located 4 km south of Lake Garda's coast in a very precious area where three wine appellations overlap each other: Garda ClassicoSan Martino della Battaglia and in Lugana's hearth.

Hunting is forbidden since many years to protect local fauna and our guest's peace.
Deep and constant care is dedicated to keep Co2 emissions and pollution at the lowest level through a very rich combination of practices.