VINITALY 2016 #winelover byob party

A bus transport will be provided for 45 - to 90 people from and to Verona at 10,00 € per person. We will organize a buffet style dinner respecting the fact that people will arrive in different times. We will come up soon with the "menu" and the link where to book the event online! There is space for max. 130 #winelover!

There will be a large buffet on which you'll find the following recepies, all prepared from fresh ingredients.
Each will have a seat.

.Steamed radicchio with goat cheese rolled in smoked prosciutto,
.Local salame
.Warm season vegatables with self made mustard sauce,
.Honey and salt cured piglet with fennels, yogurth and dill,
.Fried cheese with garden aromas,
.Polenta picks with gorgonzola and salsiccia,
.Fresh cabbage salad with carrots, almonds and dried grapes,
.Fresh spinach salad with apples and Valsabbia cheese

.Hot rice with safron, robiola cheese and zucchini,

.Chocolate salami and sbrisolona cake.

There will be a Vegan area on the buffet ( please let us know if you like to be counted so we can preparare enough)

...and remember to Bring Your Own Bottle...

Price per person: 29,00 €