We are thrilled to announce that the wines from our hundred's harvest are leaving the cellar and we cannot wait to share it with you!

We are proud of this important stage on our commitment to protect the tastes of our land, made of culture, history, environment, landscape, identity and people.

Here some quotes from the latest wine guides:

  • Slow wine: “Selva Capuzza is a wonderful Garda winery” [...] “His wines have an emotional approach, besides the technical and professional side.”
  • Guida al vino quotidiano:“Campo del Soglio thrilled us”.
  • GoWine:“An eclectic and competitive range, where the white Luganas stand out”
  • “Vini buoni d'Italia” :“The red Dunant is deliciously made.”

Adriana, Vincenzo, Fabio e Luca Formentini